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Toilet Paper Cover

NEW BATHROOM ACCESSORY ... Add beauty and sophistication to any bathroom.  This decorative toilet paper cover lets you access and see toilet paper only when it is needed ... just lift the cover, roll off the paper, then let the cover back down. 

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Lift the cover to use paper then let it back down
See toilet paper only when it is needed



               WHAT IS IT ... WHAT DOES IT DO?
  • It Dispenses Fragrance As The Toilet Paper Is Rolled Off
  • It Adds Sophistication And Beauty To Any Bathroom
  • It (the cover) Lifts Up To Easily Access Toilet Paper
  • It Exposes Toilet Paper Only When It Is Needed
  • It Interchanges From One Bathroom To Another
  • It Covers Unsightly Toilet Paper
  • It Is ROCK Solid And STABLE
  • It Can Be Install In Minutes
  • It Installs Using NO Tools
  • Multiple Products company has just introduced a new bathroom accessory that covers unsightly toilet tissue paper. Toilet paper is a necessity in a bathroom, but why have it on display when it can be easily covered? For years toilet paper has been exposed in residential home bathrooms because there have been few, if any, simple ways to keep it covered and out of sight. Construction is usually required when installing other toilet paper covers. But now, because this toilet paper cover is so easy to install, with no wall to knock out, or screws or bolts to mess with, makes it a perfect and beautiful way to cover toilet paper. You won't need a tool of any kind to install this cover.

    Just like picking the right accessory to complete an outfit, choosing the right items to decorate or remodel will dress up your home and make it the topic of conversation.  People today enjoy clean, well rounded, sophisticated, and comfortable surroundings, and especially when it comes to decorating their home.  Rather than choosing one theme through-out, many people today are creating an eclectic mix of both modern with traditional.  Therefore, we are seeing an appreciation for this mix of design as we are blending item to make our homes look different, but interesting.  Eclectic is one of the fastest growing themes in decorating.   

                                         Money Back Guarantee!
                                           Return Postage Paid
                                               Nothing to Lose

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    This toilet tissue paper cover and fragrance dispenser is only $34.99 plus shipping.

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